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The New MCAT Study Plan Builder

The New MCAT Study Plan Builder

Published on April 4, 2016 in

The updated MCAT study plan builder now gives you more options, better control, and an easier way to create and share study plan templates.

A fresh take on study plan templates

Sharing your amazing study plan with pre-meds everywhere is now even simpler and easier. Decide between a scheduled template that adheres to specific dates or an unscheduled template that focuses on the what and how to review. Along with this update, creating study plan templates has been expanded to all members! Create your first study plan template →

Advanced controls

Incorporating two or more topic sections or review books into your study plan? Now you can optionally select in the Advanced options to have materials rotated or ordered in series. Also in the Advanced options, select for multiple study items to be organized into assignments for each study session.

Updated Drag and drop

Your study items now display exactly as they will be organized as assignments for your study sessions. Plus, you now have even better drag-and-drop handling to rearrange both the order of your study sessions and assignments between them.

It's all in the details

Wondering what else is new in this update? Check out these additional improvements:

  • — updated study plan stats
  • — updated Study Plans Directory for browsing study plan templates
  • — sort study sessions by All, Completed, Past Due, Today, or Upcoming
  • — scheduled topics link directly to the review and resources page for that topic
  • — scheduled web resources (e.g. Khan Academy) link directly to the url
  • — updated study plan template adopting

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