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Add a Tutor to Co-Manage Your Study Plan

Bring on a tutor using Tutor Access to help you set up, adjust, or review your study plan.

Export your Study Sessions to Google Calendar, PDF, and CSV

Interact with your scheduled study sessions in multiple formats by exporting all or a selection to Google Calendar, PDF, and CSV.

Track Patterns in your Practice Test Results

Use practice test results to track your performance patterns and data over time.

Use Advanced Practice Test Analysis to Discover Areas to Improve

Learn from your practice tests by performing structured review of testing factors and question-by-question performance.

Manage a Dual Account

Easily manage your dual role as a student and a tutor by switching your Active Profile or adding or removing a Profile.

Update Your Username, Email, or Password

Make changes to your account credentials.

Reset Your Password

Request a password reset code.

Change Your Privacy Preference

Members and Tutors with Premium status can maintain their profile as open, closed, or private.

Change Your Notifications Preference

Control what notifications you receive about activity on the platform.

Remove Tutor Sponsorship as a Student

Members can remove any existing Tutor Sponsorships in their Preferences.

Grant or Remove Tutor Sponsorship as a Tutor

Tutors can grant or remove Tutor Sponsorship for members in their Preferences.

Invite, Cancel, or Remove Tutor Access as a Student

Premium members can invite tutors to collaborate on their MCAT prep with Tutor Access.

Accept, Decline, or Remove Tutor Access as a Tutor

Tutors can be invited by members to help co-manage the member's prep.

Manage Your Member Subscription

Members can upgrade with a Premium Subscription that grants access to premium features.

Manage Your Tutor Subscription

Tutors can upgrade to a Premium Subscription that grants access to premium features.

Creating Your Prep Strategy

Design a custom strategy for the MCAT that balances review and practice using the resources of your choice.

Figure Out How Long You Will Need To Study

Quickly calculate an estimate for how long you will need to study based on material to cover and test date.

Organize Your Prep into Multiple Study Plans

Designing your overall MCAT prep study schedule with multiple study plans helps to compartmentalize and improve progress tracking.

Review All Your Practice Test Results in One Place

Review your practice test performance across sources.

Check and Update Your Progress with Study Plans

Monitor your progress across all aspects of your prep.

Redistribute Study Sessions to Get Back on Track

Gracefully handle schedule changes or getting back on track after falling behind in your prep.

Monitor Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Track assessments of your strengths and weaknesses over time.

Add Custom Naming and Color Coding to Study Sessions

Better visualize your MCAT prep with custom naming and color coding.