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New Update to the Interface for Study Plans and Study Sessions

New Update to the Interface for Study Plans and Study Sessions

Published on August 30, 2015 in

Focusing on What's Important

Getting organized for the MCAT is all about clear definition and presentation of what you need to focus on so you can stop worrying about 'how' and get busy on the 'what'.

These latest improvements to the interface aim to get out of your way and give you quick access to the tools that keep you organized and on track for test day!

What's New

Updated Navigation in the Header Menu

Now your Practice Test Analysis page and Study Plans are quickly accessible from the header menu. This means that no matter what tool you are currently working with on, you are only ever one click away from the core of your prep.

Updated Study Plan Interface

The new organization of the study plan page brings a cleaner presentation of key information, making it easier to navigate to what matters most.

Click Calendar to Add Study Session

It's now even easier to add a new study session to an existing study plan. Simply click the day on the calendar for a quick link to creating a study session for that date.

Calendar Quick Links

Quickly navigate to the Start Date or End Date of a study plan by using these new buttons on the study plan's calendar!

Updated Study Session Interface

The study session page also got an update to improve your study workflow. Session notes are now given higher priority with a less cluttered presentation alongside a clean list of assignments.

Easy Navigation to Next or Previous Study Session

In addition to the new study session presentation, there are now quick links to navigate forwards and backwards in your study plan from each study session's page.

Mobile and Social Friendly

And of course each study plan and study session is delivered via a mobile friendly layout and easy to share unique URL. Now it is even easier to manage your MCAT prep on the go and share your progress!

Happy studying!

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