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The Prep Experience

If you are new to, welcome to our community! is your hub for MCAT prep. The prep experience promotes solidarity and exchange, aiming to bring together premeds of all backgrounds and experience levels to contribute and learn together. By joining a results-driven community, you can tap into a motivational platform and gain a deeper understanding of the MCAT prep experience by learning from current and former students.

A New MCAT, a New Way to Prep

Classically, students have prepared for the MCAT using one or a combination of three major methods: self study, a prep course, and private tutoring. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Self Study

Students on a budget may be drawn to the self study option for MCAT prep. While not totally without costs, as a collection of MCAT review books can still tally into the hundreds of dollars, it can be economical to hole up in a library or coffee shop for hours and days on end in a "just me and my books" strategy. Left alone with the material, you may quickly discover your early strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this can save you time during your prep by focusing your early efforts on the content areas you need to address most.

However, self study requires the self-discipline to stay on track and stick to a study schedule. Also, you should have a cadre of optional resources you can tap in case you become stuck on particular topics or find yourself at a practice test score plateau you need to break through.

Prep Course

Students enroll in prep courses for the benefit of a pre-set schedule that organizes everything that needs to be covered from day one to test day. The structure of the familiar classroom setting can quickly put you in the mindset for learning, and there is the presence of an instructor to be your guide and answer any questions you may have.

Prep courses are designed to meet the needs of many students, so it can be difficult to find the flexibility you need for your prep such as for a scheduling conflict or attention to specific topics. Students on the outside of the mean may not find the fit they need, feeling that the material presented in the course moves to quickly and without enough explanation, or on the other side, covers material only superficially without the challenge of more difficult applications.

Private Tutoring

One-on-one review with a tutor may seem like the optimal situation, but even private tutoring can have its challenges. With only a limited time to meet with your tutor, it may be difficult to keep up with material between tutoring sessions. Additionally, you must be able to clearly communicate your progress and performance to your tutor in order for tutoring to be specifically adapted to your needs.

Also, it goes without mentioning that private tutoring is certainly the most expensive method for your prep.

Regardless of the path you take, can mitigate the difficulties of each one, allowing you to maximize your efforts and focus on the strengths of your MCAT prep program.

Bringing It All Together provides you with a platform to organize and analyze your MCAT prep with custom study plans, flexible scheduling, the tracking and graphing of your practice test scores, and a community to collaborate with and learn alongside.

Having only recently launched in 2014, has already grown to a community hundreds of MCAT students strong. And just in time for MCAT2015, we're building a more powerful, smarter platform to maximize your prep!

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