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Redistribute Study Sessions to Get Back on Track

Gracefully handle schedule changes or getting back on track after falling behind in your prep.

Schedule changes happen, or there are times when you need to catch up on your schedule. Prevent getting off track or falling further behind by redistributing all the remaining study sessions in a study plan.

Similarly to specifying your schedule parameters when first creating your study plan, you can just as easily use any changes to your schedule to make changes to all study sessions at once.

Start by selecting the Redistribute option from your Study Plan's edit menu

Study plan redistribute menu

Next select your new schedule design options

Study plan redistribute Schedule Design and Preview tabs

Preview and update your new schedule

Click "Calculate" to have a schedule created. You may need to adjust your schedule options if the current set does not fit.

Check the "Preview" tab at the top of the dialog box if you want to see or drag-and-drop any changes before applying the new schedule.

To apply the new schedule to your study sessions, click "Update".

Study plan redistribute Calculate and Update buttons