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Export your Study Sessions to Google Calendar, PDF, and CSV

Interact with your scheduled study sessions in multiple formats by exporting all or a selection to Google Calendar, PDF, and CSV.

Take your study sessions with your to Google Calendar, PDF, or CSV!

You can export all or a selection of your study sessions by going to your Dashboard Calendar. You will see the Export buttons available there.

Export to Google Calendar allows you to choose a date range or specific study plans (or stand-alone!) for the study sessions to export. Click connect to sign-in to Google and grant access to add the "MCATme" calendar to your Google Calendars.

Keep in mind that this will override any existing calendar by that name. This means that updating your MCATme calendar will override the previous one. Alternatively, if you change the name of your MCATme calendar from within your Google Calendar settings, that calendar will not be altered and you will will then be able to create multiple calendars corresponding to your study session selections.

Exporting to PDF also allows you to specify the study sessions you want included as well as a few formatting options. This feature makes it easy to print your study schedule for the day, for a week, or all at once!