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Basic and Premium Practice Test Results Tracking

Track practice test results from numerous sources to keep track of and share performance progress.

Tracking your practice test results

Tracking practice test performance can help maintain your momentum and commitment to improvement as your progress through your prep. Reported scores are track on your Dashboard, your Profile, and charted on your dedicated Practice tracking page found at<username>/practice.

Dashboard practice test list

Each practice test result also has a dedicated page to review your performance.

Practice test result

Reported scores for common practice tests are also displayed together on the Practice page to help cross-compare patterns among different practice tests.

Submitting your practice test results

You can submit your practice test results at There is a lot of data you can track including raw score, score, percentile, notes, and more. All data is optional.

Submit practice test results

Basic Tracking

Keep track of your basic performance overall, by section, and by question including marked, changed, and eliminated answers.

Submit practice test result question basic

Premium Tracking

Dive into critical factors such as performance on different types of questions, identifying reasons for incorrect answers, and the topics tested.

Submit practice test result question premium

You can review your practice test results question by question or filter for particular factors.

Practice test result question filters