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Study Plan Builder Basic Walkthrough

The Study Plan Builder quickly calculates a schedule of study sessions base on selected study material.

An effective study plan defines both what to study and when to study, assuring that all material is covered within the set time period. The Study Plan Builder follows this principle by coupling the design of study sessions that cover the necessary material with a schedule that fits test date and availability.

The three steps then are to:

  • Design Study Sessions
  • Define Schedule
  • Finish Up

Design Study Sessions

Study sessions are based on selected study items, in the end producing a plan that is topic-based, serves to schedule out resources and practice tests, or is used to manage a list of URLs or custom items.

Study plan builder step one

After the study items are selected, clicking the "Add study sessions" button will add the selections to a list of study sessions. When all the desired sessions have been added, it is time to continue to the "Next" step to have these study sessions organized onto the calendar. (An unscheduled study plan template will only consist of the ordered sessions and will not require scheduling on the calendar.)

Study plan builder study sessions list

Define Schedule

The schedule for the study sessions can be set using calculation based on scheduling parameters, can be manually drag-and-dropped into place, or can be created from a list of pre-defined dates.

Study plan builder step two


Calculating a schedule is a good idea when there are a large amount of study sessions to cover. The schedule can be customized based on:

  • Days of the week
  • Buffer days — unscheduled time between the last study session and the end date
  • Maximum days per week
  • Maximum sessions per day
  • Off days — pre-defined dates to leave off the schedule

Changes can be made using the "Reschedule" button.


Dragging-and-dropping your defined study sessions onto the calendar is practical when you have a small number of study sessions and know the schedule you wish to follow.

Changes can be made by first using the "clear schedule" button above the calendar.


The list of dates option for scheduling is useful when your schedule is not regular.

Changes can be made using the "Reschedule" button.

Finish Up

The last step is to create the study plan as just defined. The plan is given a name and, if a study plan template, optional description and test date.