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Study Plan Builder Advanced Walkthrough

The Study Plan Builder can accommodate a number of customizations to arrive at an effective study schedule.

As following with the design of the study plan builder to draw together a plan for what to study and when to study, advanced customizations can be made while defining what to study (Design Study Sessions) or while defining when to study (Define Schedule).

Advanced Options for Designing Study Sessions

Beyond the simple selection or listing of study items, these can be organized into study sessions using advanced options.

  • Rotate top-level topics and resources — allows items from two topic sections or two resource titles to be listed interspersed instead of one following only after the other is completed
  • Repetitions — allows items to be included multiple times
  • Repetition type — set how to include multiple items in repetition, either each repeated after itself or by cycling over the list
  • Study items per study session
  • Placement — whether to add to the beginning or end of the existing list of study sessions
Study plan builder advanced study sessions

Additionally, the list of study sessions itself can be modified by drag-and-drop or clicking the "copy" and "remove" icons for each study session.

Study plan builder advanced study sessions list

Advanced Options for Calculating a Schedule

The Drag-and-Drop and List options for scheduling very simple in nature, but the Calculate option offers a number of advanced controls.

First, if you are unsure of your start and end dates, or wish to study for a particular duration, you can use the "Set dates by duration" option to arrive at the Start and End Dates used to calculate a schedule.

The "Schedule Design Options" offer way to specify scheduling parameters, and, lastly, study sessions may be further still arranged by individual drag-and-drop.

Study plan builder step two advanced