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Making Changes to Your Study Plan

When schedule changes are necessary or studying has fallen behind, it is easy to update your study plan. Study Plans are designed to be flexible. Beyond just getting back on track when you have fallen behind schedule, it is important to be able to make adjustments to your plan as you progress to reflect your experience with the material. You may find you need to spend more time on certain topics, need to schedule additional practice sessions, or want to make other changes that spread out or compress your initial plans.

You can access Edit, Redistribute, and Delete options by clicking the icon above the calendar.

Study plan edit menu

Edit Study Plan

The Edit Study Plan dialog box offers changes to:
  • Study plan name
  • Tutor access
  • Renaming study sessions in bulk
  • Color of study sessions in bulk
Edit study plan dialog


To reschedule all uncompleted study sessions at once (sessions with all assignments completed will be ignored), use the Redistribute option. In Schedule Design, select the necessary options, then click "Calculate" to create a new schedule to follow. You can see this new schedule before accepting it by switching to the Preview tab. If the schedule is acceptable, simply click the "Update" button to make the schedule change.

Redistribute study plan dialog


The last option in the menu is to delete your study plan along with all of its study sessions.

Changes to individual study sessions

Simple schedule rearrangements can be made by simply dragging-and-dropping study sessions into place on the calendar. You can also change name, notes, and color by clicking the edit icon by each study session in the list.