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Premium Subscriptions Overview stays fully community supported with premium subscriptions available to members and tutors.

Supporting provides a free student-focused and ad-free MCAT prep platform, supported by Premium Members and Tutors. A big thanks goes to our premium subscribers!

Premium Member Subscriptions

Members can take advantage of advanced custom scheduling features such as study plans by upgrading to Premium Membership via subscription. (Tutor Sponsorship is an alternative route to Premium Member status.) Subscriptions are automatically renewed until cancelled and vary by the duration of the subscription period to accommodate students with longer or more compressed study schedules.

Premium Tutor Subscriptions

Tutors can also upgrade to Premium status by subscription. Tutor subscriptions are monthly and vary by the number of Tutor Sponsorship credits available for use. With each credit, the tutor can sponsor the Premium Membership of one member, thus granting all premium privileges for the member and allowing the tutor to create study plans on behalf of the student and collaborate on specific study plans.

Changing and Cancelling Subscriptions

You can freely change subscriptions during your free trial period. When changing active subscriptions, you will be charged for the new subscription with a prorated credit for the remainder of the previous subscription credited towards the charge. Credits in surplus of the charge will remain as a credit on your account and applied towards the next subscription period.

Cancelling during your free trial period will immediately end your trial. Cancelling at any other time during your subscription will set it to cancel at the end of its current period and not be renewed, thus maintaining your premium privileges until the end of the period.