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Student Accounts, Tutor Accounts, and Dual Accounts provides a collaborative platform for your prep that allows you to share and interact as a student or a tutor or both.

Who are members? — Student Accounts is focused on being a positive, collaborative community for students preparing for the MCAT. Students that join are referred to as "Members" to emphasize the values of belonging and inclusion regardless of basic or premium status. Membership underscores the student-focused goals of to remain ad-free, 100% community supported, and responsive to student needs.

Members can join for free at the Basic level that includes features such as practice test tracking and study plan templating. There is also the option to upgrade to access Premium features such as interactive study plans and to support

Who are tutors? — Tutor Accounts

To promote collaboration and the sharing of best practices, tutor accounts were added as a means for those that teach or tutor for the MCAT to team up with members in creating effective and strategic approaches to MCAT prep, centered around planning and scheduling of prep activities.

Tutors also have the option to maintain a free Basic level account or to upgrade for Premium features such as Tutor Sponsorship.

Both a student and a tutor — Dual Accounts

Sometimes MCAT students go on to tutor other students, and sometimes a tutor transitions into becoming a student again. makes it easy to manage these natural transitions and to even go back and forth.

With a Dual Account, you can switch back and forth between using as a member or as a tutor, and you can also remove either the extra member or tutor profile from your account.

You can keep your member account and add a tutor account (or vice versa), using the same login and username. Just select the 'member profile' or 'tutor profile' option in the Account section of your Preferences.

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