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Premium Features for Tutors

Premium Tutors can access additional tools to improve student-tutor collaboration and assist their students in preparing for the MCAT.

Tutor Sponsorship

By way of Tutor Sponsorship, the sponsoring tutor can create and collaborate on study plans on behalf of the sponsored student. This can be helpful for creating a custom plan of study for a particular student, monitoring progress in completing assignments, and providing notes on specific study sessions or assignments.

A member with Tutor Sponsorship is granted full Premium Member status for the duration of the sponsorship. The benefits of Premium Member status include access to interactive study plans, strengths and weaknesses tracking, privacy options, and Tutor Access. (Tutor Access allows the member to invite up to five other tutors to collaborate on their prep.)

The number of sponsored students a Premium tutor can carry varies by subscription level.

Privacy Options

Privacy control gives Premium Tutors the option to set the level of openness for others to access their profile.

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