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Your Steps to MCAT Success

Approach the MCAT with planning, organization, and tracking that maximizes your time and resources.

With so much material to review and practice for the MCAT, planned effort, organization, and responsive tracking of your progress will combine to deliver you to your goal. Test day may seem far off, and hours of studying will seem endless, but with consistent planned action you can make timely progress with confidence in your effectiveness.

It's easy to get lost and off track along the way, so start with a solid map and stay on top of your progress, making adjustments as needed.


You have your pick of an ocean of resources from live and online prep courses, review books, practice tests, question banks and flashcard sets, and other tools. These all vary in utility and cost. Pick from what you have access to based on your learning style. Consider if your learn best alone in a library or with a teacher/tutor to ask you questions and provide specific answers. Do you retain more from listening or reading or even writing?

Reaching mastery with a limited or a small set of resources will give you a better outcome than using every known MCAT prep resource but without the same level of focus and responsive action.

Study Schedule

Your study schedule is a contract between you and your test day. It should be clear in setting out the terms of what to study and when to study. There should also be consideration for making adjustments along the way.

Review and Practice

The content of your prep will be some balance of reviewing and practicing. Keep in mind how these two tactics build off each other. Mixing in practice activities amid your review reinforces study material and guides how much to focus on identified weaker areas.

Keep it Simple

The MCAT has a lot of content that can be overwhelming. Keep your process to prepare simple. Commit to your study schedule, being respectful of rescheduling that needs to take place. Take it step by step, fitting your prep into your life as an important routine, and you'll be right on track for success!

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