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Premium Features for Students Premium Members have access to advanced planning, tracking, and analysis features.

Beyond's free tools for planning your MCAT prep, tracking practice test results, and sharing your progress, Premium level members also utilize advanced tracking and analysis features to stay organized and on track.

You can access Premium features either through a flexible subscription or Tutor Sponsorship.

Premium member benefits

Active Study Plans

Organize your prep into manageable custom study plans that track your progress to keep you on time for test day. Study plans and study sessions can be customized with unique names, notes, and calendar colors. Plus you can invite tutors to co-manage with you.

Study Plans Progress

Responsive Planning

Many factors can lead to a change in plans. When your studying doesn't move as planned or you fall behind, your study plan can calculate a new distribution of your study sessions to fit your schedule .

Schedule Design Options

Export Study Sessions

Move your planned study sessions into the format you like best.

Practice Test Results

More than just tracking your scores on practice test,'s premium analysis features are set up to help you review your practice tests on a question by question basis to help identify your weaknesses and other performance patterns.

Advanced practice analysis

Tutor Access

Premium Members have the option of exercising Tutor Access. Tutors granted Tutor Access can create study plans on behalf of the member. Premium Members can also grant tutor access to specific study plans, which gives the tutor full editing, customizing, and deleting privileges to help members manage their schedules and monitor progress.

Privacy Options

Privacy control gives Premium Members the option to set the level of openness for others to access their profile, study plans, and practice test results.

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