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Tutor Sponsorship for Tutors

Tutor Sponsorship allows a tutor to sponsor a member's premium status and enables collaborative features.

Basics of Tutor Sponsorship

Tutor Sponsorship is designed to enable clear communication and collaboration between tutor and student. Premium Tutors can use sponsorship credits to sponsor a member's Premium status, thus granting that student access to advanced planning and strategy tools that come with Premium Membership such as interactive study plans.

The sponsorship also grants the tutor the ability to create study plans on behalf of the sponsored member and to be invited to collaborate on specific study plans that the member creates. This collaboration access gives the tutor edit and delete permissions for the specified study plan. The tutor will also be able to monitor the student's progress, make notes, or reschedule study sessions as needed.

Setting up Tutor Sponsorship

Tutor Sponsorship requires the tutor to have Premium status, which can be activated via upgrade at The sponsorship can then be created and managed from the tutor's Preferences.

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