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Tutor Access for Tutors

Tutor Access allows Premium Members to invite specific tutors to collaborate on their MCAT prep.

Basics of Tutor Access

Tutor Access is a feature available to Premium Members. The member can send an invitation to a specific tutor to join in collaboration on their MCAT schedule and strategy. Once the invitation is accepted:

  • the tutor can create study plans on behalf of the member
  • the member can add the tutor as a collaborator to any other study plans that the member creates

The tutor then has full edit and delete capability on all study plans that they have created or have been added to. This feature allows the tutor to be a true collaborator, including the ability to reschedule or add new study sessions and to update notes on study sessions and assignments.

Setting up Tutor Access

Tutor Access must be initiated by a member with premium status (attained either by their own subscription or Tutor Sponsorship), and the tutor to be granted access must accept the invitation. Both of these actions can be done on respective Preferences page of the member and the tutor.

The member can then invite the tutor to join on specific study plans using the "tutor access" link on the desired study plan.

Combining Tutor Sponsorship and Tutor Access

It is redundant for a member that has Premium status by way of Tutor Sponsorship to then grant Tutor Access to the sponsoring tutor. However, the member may wish to use the benefit of granting Tutor Access to other tutors that are not the sponsoring tutor. In this way, the sponsoring tutor provides their student with the option to work with a team of tutors.

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