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Add a Tutor to Co-Manage Your Study Plan

Bring on a tutor using Tutor Access to help you set up, adjust, or review your study plan.

Add a tutor to your study plan via Tutor Access

This tutorial will take you through the steps of granting a tutor access to your study plan, allowing them to make changes on your behalf.

For example, a tutor may recommend changing your study sessions around a little bit or they may want to leave you specific instructions in the notes of a particular study session. Tutor access allows them to make these updates!

Getting set up

First, your tutor needs to have a account. They can join for free at

Next, Tutor Access is a premium feature, which means either you or your tutor needs to have premium status. If you are already a premium member, you are ready to go to the next step — Upgrade here! Or, if your tutor has premium status, they will first need to add you to their Tutor Sponsorship.

Step One: Establish a relationship between you and your tutor through Tutor Access or Tutor Sponsorship

If it is your tutor that has premium status, they should start a Tutor Sponsorship for you. If it is you that has premium status, you can invite your tutor to Tutor Access for your account in your Preferences .

Invite tutor for Tutor Access

Step Two: Grant your tutor access to a specific study plan

Now that you and your tutor are connected, you will see their name appear in the Tutor Access of your study plan.

Study plan edit menu

Select their name from the list and select "Grant".

Study plan grant tutor access

You will then be able to remove the access you just granted in the same way. (You may need to reload the page to see changes.)

Study plan remove tutor access