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Ways to Review for the MCAT

Ways to Review for the MCAT

Published on July 3, 2018 in Studying

Balancing Review and Practice

Your readiness for the MCAT will come down to what you have put into reviewing and practicing the content and skills tested. Here is a list of ideas and study techniques you can use to make effective use of your review time.

Ways to Review

Reviewing for the MCAT is an active process, so you will need to be performing some action. Just showing up or sitting and staring blankly won't cut it! First, let's keep it simple. Review breaks down into the what of your review, that is the topic or skill you are covering, and the how. For the how part, you'll probably be performing one of these actions:

  • read
  • watch
  • listen
  • speak
  • write
  • recall

With a little imagination, you can find a way to incorporate portions of MCAT prep no matter where you are or what your doing. Additionally, you can refer to this list when it's time to mix up your ways of reviewing, which can be an effective boost to learning.

Review Ideas

  • read prep books
  • read topic specific material from academic sources
  • watch / listen to a lecture
  • explain a topic back to yourself
  • teach a topic to someone else
  • make / read summary notes
  • review practice tests
  • draw out topic context and relationships (contextual learning)
  • make / review flashcards (active recall)
  • write out lists from memory (active recall)

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