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Practice Test Best Practices with Tracking and Analysis on

Practice Test Best Practices with Tracking and Analysis on Feb. 23, 2016

What are MCAT Practice Test Best Practices?

1. Take under test day conditions. By taking practice tests seriously and simulating test day conditions, you will be able to better gauge your readiness, and you will be more comfortable and confident on test day.

2. Review the test question by question. Reviewing a practice test is just as important as taking it. You will learn why you are getting questions wrong and identify specific topics you need to review.

3. Track your performance. By seeing how your practice test performance changes over time, you can be sure your are improving you weaknesses and make appropriate changes to your study strategy. Practice Test Tracking and Analysis now offers basic and advanced levels of tracking and analysis for your practice tests! Start tracking today for free!

Understand how testing variables may be impacting your score. By tracking these factors you can stay in control by making proven choices that set you up for success! MCAT Practice Test Analysis Overall

Track as much or as little as you need to get more out of your practice tests! You can add detail of your testing experience and performance on a section, passage, or question by question level. MCAT Practice Test Analysis by section

Sample practice test tracking and analysis! See how tracking 'Reason Incorrect' can inform you about trends in questions you are getting wrong. In this example, the breakdown at the bottom of left column shows that the greatest gains can be made immediately not from fixing content weakness but with closer reading of questions! Focused reporting specific to your needs! Example Practice Test Analysis

Plus, check off questions as 'reviewed' as you go over them so you know you are getting the most of every practice test by understanding why you are getting questions both correct and incorrect!

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