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MCAT Question of the Day Strategy

MCAT Question of the Day Strategy

Published on March 8, 2014 in Studying

Being Pre-Med is a full-time job. When it is time to add MCAT prep to your already tight schedule, you'll need to find ways to fit it all in.

Long hours in the library and full-length practice tests have their place in any successful MCAT study plan, and you may have heard students profess that it takes hours of studying day after day to reach the MCAT score you need to successfully apply to medical school.

But in real life, a daily block of MCAT prep is often not practical, certainly not if that successful medical school application is to include not only a good GPA but research, volunteering, and leadership activities as well. (Let alone you're own good health!)

Balancing studying for the MCAT with pre-med life, a MCAT Question of the Day strategy could be a great adjunct to your prep.

Consider these potential benefits to reviewing a MCAT Question of the Day in conjunction with your MCAT study plan schedule:

exposure to specific topics that you otherwise may have glossed over
— practice quickly accessing your knowledge of a particular topic or concept
— incorporate a small bit of MCAT studying even on an off day
— develop an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses

Be mindful not to over rely on a MCAT Question of the Day strategy for your MCAT prep. Often stand-alone questions can easily test your content knowledge but may not be appropriate for testing the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed to address passage related questions and the MCAT as a whole.

What do you think of using a MCAT Question of the Day in your prep?

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