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MCAT Prep Is Changing With The New

MCAT Prep Is Changing With The New

Published on August 12, 2015 in

Just Launched! is now live with its first rebuilt-from-the-ground-up update! With a focus on collaboration, there are several new features to announce that will impact how you approach your MCAT prep, from learning from past MCAT takers to designing a custom study plan to supporting an effective partnership with your tutor.

Great New Features

Learn From Reported Real MCAT Experiences

Going through the MCAT is an immense experience. There is much to learn from those that have gone before, including yourself if you are retaking! For the first time, there is now a space to support a collection of all the important reflections about test day, preparedness, and lessons learned. By pairing your profile with your Reported MCAT Results, together the community will begin to build a comprehensive archive of what preparing for and taking the MCAT truly entails.

Share best practices with study plan templates and adopting

One of the most requested features for has been study plan templates. So it's very exciting to announce the new study plan templates feature! Along with creating templates, you now have the ability to Adopt any active study plan or template, which makes sharing best practices and following successful study strategies super easy to organize into your own schedule.

Team up with your Tutor

A huge addition to the repertoire is support for Tutors! Tutors are fully integrated into the platform to help you more effectively, communicate, organize, and strategize collaboratively. In addition to creating a tutor profile and study plan templates, tutors can also sponsor their students' Premium Membership, so the student doesn't need to manage a subscription.

For those that are already Premium Members, you can now invite a tutor for Tutor Access, which allows the tutor to create custom study plans for you on your behalf and have optional access to your individual study plans.

What You Don't See

In addition to these new features, you will experience faster page loads and cleaner interfaces across the site. These improvements are the result of numerous updates under the hood aimed at strengthening the platform.

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